September 3, 2019

In this episode of Women with Spark I'm solo because I think it's time to start sharing some of my marketing knowledge with you one to one. 

You may have noticed already - spark is my favourite word.

It explains so much, it means so many different things. But most of all it's the thing which drives me and hopefully you to do that special thing you're meant to be doing in this world.

This week I want to look at why spark is so important for our business.

Spark is the thing which sets us apart - it's more than your branding or products - it's about us and why we've created or bought a business. It's why we are the people/business our customers/clients buy from.

Sharing your spark is so important for your business. 

If you've been listening to some of the Women with Spark episodes so far and our guests , they're all kind of blowing my mind actually. This is because each one of them has this different interpretation of what spark is or they have , you know , admitted that they're not quite sure what their spark is.

You as a business person or someone working in a busienss could be anywhere on this journey. You could be thinking oh my goodness what is my spark? Or you could know what lights you up. Or maybe  you think I'm nearly there. The point is , is that we're on the journey to find our spark . And and that's one thing that spark can be associated with and that is our journey. Because we normally have to take a bit of a journey to get there .

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