Marketing Strategy

The Know, Like & Trust Journey

If you're like most businesses then you want to bring in more clients/customers.  

To achieve this we need to look at the customer journey and understand they are unlikely to buy as soon as they see your business.

In fact we know it's takes between 7 and 12 touchpoints with a business before someone is likely to buy and with social media in the mix these numbers are said to be increasing out to 25. 

So let's talk the role of marketing. Marketing is basically how you share your message. And there's hundreds of ways to do that.

First of all we need to look at who your ideal customer is - where do they spend time, what do they want to know about you and what are the reasons they will buy. 

Then we pull it all together so you have a plan that lasts longer than the next minute fad.

This is particularly important when we are starting or growing our business.

A well executed marketing strategy gives you the overview so you know exactly where to spend your time and money.

I work with clients to build a strategy and/or plan and then support them while they implement.

Great marketing doesn't happen overnight.

Want to see how I can help you? 

I know each and every business is different. That's why each solution is created after I've spoken to you. 

Our first step is to have a FREE call so I can learn more  about you and your business. Then I'll create you a proposal with a couple of the ways we can work together. 

Why Marketing Strategy?

Have you ever:

  • Launched a new product or service only to hear cricket (no customers)  
  • Invested in advertising only to have no idea of what your return on investment is?
  •  Spent a heap of money on a website to have no one visit it or it not actually do what you need it to?  
  • Spent hours learning a new social media platform to discover your target audience doesn't actually use it
  • Always have a reactive marketing approach rather than proactive

What our clients say

 Whether it’s an award application/nomination, press release or you just want your story articulated forcefully, clearly and in a way that engages your target audience, you will find no better than Gemma and the Red Spark team. 

(Please note that if Gemma had written this it would have sounded way cooler…just saying.)

Dave Clare ATC Midwest

Gemma and Red Spark Communications are able to listen to your story and then put it in to words. As business owners we are great at talking about what we do but we are not story tellers.
Gemma has now worked with GE behind the scenes on a number of big projects, awards and advertising campaigns. Not only that she has a great network she utilises for designing websites, doing graphic design, printing and photographers.
Gemma can be your one stop shop, she can take the lead and project manage or she can just write the copy so she is very versatile.

Deanne Watts - GE Group Australia

I KNEW I needed you, Gemma! This is super amazing and so thorough. I am so grateful. I totally agree with you on all the wordiness and merging pages together - I knew it but couldn’t bring myself to delete anything. 

I’m going to implement so much of this -you are so right summing everything up and subbing it all down. It’s funny isn’t it, how you very quickly get attached to the words? Crazy! Thank you SO much, I really, really appreciate it. Jess xx

Jess Bendien - BANG Talent