October 15, 2019

The common theory around 10 years ago was if someone's going to buy something they had to have between seven and 12 touchpoints with the business that they were going to buy from.

How do we make that happen ? So basically , we used all our different forms of marketing . So for some people , it might be radio . It might be newspaper . It could be television . It  could be a letter in the mail . It could be face to face . It could be referral from other people . Word of mouth , car magnets , TV , fridge magnets . You name it like any way that we get a message out. 

This is how we would achieve the know, like and trust process. Through seeing us and our consistent messaging they would get to know us, then like us and hopefully eventually trust us. 

But today with so much information we are bombarded with - we now believe you need between 20 and 25 touchpoints with a business. 

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