September 17, 2019

In this episode of Women with Spark I'm looking at content. 

But more specifically what marketing, messaging and conversations you should be having - because to me that is a key part of your content you should be sharing on Facebook. 

I created the 5 E's of Facebook to help business owners have a clear idea and understanding of what their posts should be focused on. 



We all want to be entertained.

It brings us joy, makes us feel something. Something which takes us away from our everyday lives.

So those cat videos you’ve been despising (or loving) have a purpose. They fulfill the simple task of making people happy. What can you do to entertain? Think about making something fun.

And if you’re struggling find other people’s stuff to share BUT explain why. 


If done in the right way people love to learn something. Think about one thing you can teach and then break it down further. 

Teach one simple idea -

  • How to do something easier
  • How to do something new
  • How to do something tricky
Make it fun and entertaining if you can. At the end give them a call to action. Put the skill into action. 


This is where you get to share about you and the business and in turn about your people. What makes you you? 

What do you believe?

What do you like to do when not working? They are getting to know you posts. 


Express is all about sharing your views or opinions. 

You can do this by sharing a meme or saying. Maybe sharing your belief about why something is so important. Express how you are feeling that day. 

Remember social media is meant to be SOCIAL!  


Now it’s sales time and you can use one or two of the other E’s to make an impact but you want ONE clear call to action. Buy

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