September 10, 2019

Denise Litchfield

Denise Litchfield is an irreverent psychic who's allergic to new-age fluff and who has been seeing dead people since she can remember.

She’s more into purple hair than purple velvet and is old enough to decide that cake is an essential food group, thanks very much. Which is lucky, as she can’t cook rice.

She didn’t start out planning to teach others how to be psychic, but when she discovered the mountain of misinformation out there, and how it kept people small and fearful, she just had to open her big mouth.

A sassy straight-shooter, Denise couldn’t give a faff about being like all the other psychics and loves making videos to tell it like it is. 

"I do believe we have these experiences where the spirit world does come and make themsevles known to us as a sort of a bit of a carrot. As a teaser to say come on we’re here - let’s talk. 

It’s not that they haven’t been trying beforehand because if you look back. You know it’s wonderful with 20 - 20 hindsight. Because I look back and I think yes I was scared of the dark and yes I was a very imaginative sensitive child. I never had an imaginary friend but  I had lots of imaginative games. 

I didn’t join all those dots till much much later.

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