July 31, 2019

In this episode of Women with Spark we meet Katie O'Malley. 

Katie O’Malley is a holistic therapist who wants to help you create passion in your life.

For the past twenty years she has been creating beautiful spaces for people to submerse in, to connect deeply to their own body,  mind & spirit. She helps you to transition in your life using embodiment, psychology, healing, physiology, shamanism, breath work and mindfulness. 

She brings her unique energy, knowledge and passion together to inspire you to change the way you live and embrace the power and life force of your own energy.

Our chat covers Katie's journey but also how anxiety is affecting us in the modern world and what we need to do ignite our body, mind and soul.

Katie says "For anyone experiencing a lot of anxiety - my feeling in working with thousands of people now is that anxiety quite often is a messenger.

And it's letting us know things are not in right relationship with us and maybe that at times if we come back to more self love and looking after ourselves and getting our hormones in balance....to support ourselves and lift us out of anxiety or depression and come back into feeling good again. And that's what we all want" 

"I feel there is two elements - so the first thing is the world is becoming a lot more fast paced and we live in a culture in Australia and you can't really know this unless you live outside of it - that is very success driven and it causes a lot of pressure on both men and women to have more, to do more and be more. 

And then when we bring this technology piece in, its taking us away from nature and harmony it creates a lot more anxiety in the body. "

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