October 2, 2019

It seems to happen all the time in marketing and probably business full stop. 

The industry or a few gurus start telling people there is one solution to all their problems - if you've spent enough time chasing these solutions you've probably realised by now there is now magic pill or switch to flick that can fix everything. 

Funnels, also called sales funnels, have become super popular over the past couple of years but I believe by focussing just on one aspect we are oversimplifying what we do. 

Funnels presume that all of our potential customers/clients are coming to us from the same place and will act in the same manner in the same time frame. 

Did you notice how the concept of funnels takes the people right out of the equation? People become numbers and the idea behind funnels is if you put enough numbers in at the top end by the time they filter down you will get enough sales. 

Funnels do have their place but they are just a small part of the customer journey. That's why I'm saying forget the funnels and focus on customer journey instead.

Once we focus on customer journey - our attention comes back to people. 

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