July 2, 2019

Tanya Kitto

Tanya and her family are farmers in the Mid West of Western Australia.

Her love for food, farming and family saw them launch their business My Provincial Kitchen last year selling lupin flour and products.

Tanya is on a journey to change people’s perception & knowledge of lupins as a food source for humans whilst also creating positive opportunities for women (and their families) in regional communities.

She believes giving women the ability to have an impact on the farm business will have a positive flow on benefit to their kids and the wider community of all of the opportunities in the agricultural sector.

When I had my first phone call with Tanya last year - her spark was so bright even over the phone. I knew I could help share that spark with the world.

Her story of how her spark wouldn’t be quieted is a great example of listening to that voice which scares and excites you.

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