​​​​Spark Review Special Offer

Writing and sharing messages but they just seem to be falling flat?

Feel like you're doing all the things you're MEANT to be doing but getting nowhere? 

Have you downloaded another 5 freebies today in the hope that one of them will help?

Chances are there is something going wrong or slightly awry in your marketing and messaging.

The Spark Review assesses and audits how you and your business are showing up in your marketing materials (think socials and website) and gives you a review of what is and isn't working.

Then we will meet for a 60 minute session (via Zoom) and we'll go through a number of recommendations and what actions you can take going forward.


What you need to do next is:
1. Pick a day and time in the calendar below
2. Complete the form so I can find out more about you
3. Pay the invoice
4. You'll receive a confirmation email and I'll send you a reminder on the day of session or if I need more information I'll be in touch sooner

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