Tools & Resources

Have you ever spent hours looking for just the right tool? I know I have over the past 7 years. 

Some of these tools and resources have completely changed my business and what I've managed to achieve - even when I thought they were out of reach for me. 

PLEAESE NOTE - All of these links are affiliate links - that means if you decide to sign up I will usually receive a small commission from the person/company selling it to you.  But I will say I will only become an affiliate for those things I absolutely LOVE and are created by people who know their stuff. 

Crisp Copy Class

I've always thought of myself as a writer, until I started my business and got some nasty feedback from one customer. 
After that I lost all of my confidence - but it was really effecting my writing for my own business so when Jay Crisp Crow decided to create the Crisp Copy Class I was one of the first onboard. 

This class is worth it for any business owner - we can all write our own copy we just need a little help doing it. 

Jay is a terrific support and actually is with you for the 3 months so you can make so much progress.  Round 3 is now open. 


I came from a radio background so it seemed really obvious to start a podcast.

But the actual of how to go about it was a bit overwhelming... then I met Karly Nimmo who had created Radcasters.
I'm about to launch my first podcast and this course has kept me on track and given me step by step instructions.  
If you are interested in starting a podcast check out Radcasters

Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes - I was initally attracted by their landing page software but they blew me away with their tools and customer service.  

I decided to create my entire website using their theme and recommend it to everyone. 

Their prices and support make it a no brainer - see what they offer here


One of the areas I seemed to get behind in business was keeping track of leads and then creating proposals. 
Dubsado has been a life saver for me! I can do it all inside this one program now - including sending invoices, reminders, contracts, questionnaires and my favourite schedule meetings. 
Worth every dollar - see if it's a good fit for you

The ROOOAR Room 

Something I never thought about in working in my own business was how lonely I would be. 
There were no social clubs or friendly people to talk to over coffee anymore. 

Until I found The Roooar Room and now at least once a week I get to hang out online with some super smart, really lovely women for Office Hours - part catch up, part get stuff done its a non negotiable in my weekly calendar. 

Plus Lauren has so many extra guests and masterclasses you also get majorly upskilled. 

Join us in The Roooar Room