Are you wasting time and money each and
every day wondering what to post
on your Facebook page?

I know you, you're a small business owner and lately you feel like you're trying to hit a constantly moving target.  

You have so many things you are trying to stay on top of and while you know how important Facebook is.... you get stuck and then you either don’t post anything at all or you share someone else’s post just for the sake of sharing.

Not only that but because of being inconsistent and not sharing your story you're missing out on getting in front of the people who need you.

If this sounds like you, then its way past time to …...

Fire Up Your Facebook

​Easy things you can do each day to make Facebook work for you.

I'll be honest I absolutely love Facebook and most of the time I don’t have too many problems working out what to post but I noticed it was an ongoing problem for my clients.

They’re small business owners like you and me but they are trying to cover the marketing as well.

A lot of business owners (and you might be one of them) create a page and post a few times here and there but don't get results and then they're not sure what to do next.

I see it all the time businesses post for the sake of posting because they haven't posted in weeks or they have a sale on but they forget Facebook is a two way conversation - you need other people to join in. One conversation can be the very beginning of what is a long term relationship.

I heard clients and friends say..... 

“Gemma I know how important Facebook is but I sit down to write a post but it feels like I spend more time scrolling through the news feed trying to get an idea. I start second guessing what I should be posting and when. And sometimes I have to just walk away. Then it’s a whole day or two until I get back to it.

“What am I meant to be posting and sharing with my fans? And what time of day should I be doing it? 

“How come some pages have such high reach and engagement but I don’t?”

It was hearing these same things over and over again which gave me the wake up call I had to do something about it.

So I created Fire Up Your Facebook - it’s a month worth of daily prompts which give you the idea or even cut and paste solutions for what to post on your Facebook page.

I’m a former journalist and an experienced marketer so I use both of these skills to create unique post ideas which are going to help increase reach and engagement on your Facebook page.

I know you’re a busy business owner - we’re all juggling so many balls. Am I right?

So this solution is easy as can be. No seriously…

  • Each week day you will get an email giving you the prompt or idea for the day. You can implement immediately or create the post and schedule for later in the day or week.
  • In our friendly Facebook group you will also find me with some more examples and on hand to bounce ideas off or get some fine tuning with what you want to share.
  • That's it! 
Just imagine not having to worry about what you are posting on your Facebook page each day.

I’ll take the hard work away and you can get back to the other important parts of your business.

Introducing Gemma (your Facebook guide and storyteller)

Gemma Moore is a highly experienced communicator. She has previously worked for ABC Radio and in communication/marketing positions for government and community organisations for more than 16 years.

She has immersed herself in the world of Facebook for the past six years and loves showing business owners the easiest and most effective way to share their business story online.

How will it benefit me? 

  • Easy to implement
  • Save time and money
  • Increased reach
  • Increased engagement
  • Grow in confidence

How soon will I see results?

Just by implementing these daily prompts you will start to see an increase in reach within a week.

Engagement can take a bit longer but we encourage the group members to support one another where possible. 

By the end of the month I guarantee you will notice a difference with your page numbers (and don't worry I'll show you how to find that information!) 

All of this for only $97

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Adele Surtees Real Estate Agent 
& Previous Workshop Participant

"Taking part saw the reach and engagement on my page increase by 1000%. In a competitive market like real estate, anything I can do to stand out and be noticed helps grow my business.

What I liked best was the way we were held accountable, so I actually made the effort.​
Gemma has ideas that I would not think of and also it gave me the confidence to post stuff that I wouldn't normally or wouldn't even think of.

I would recommend this to any small business owner who is strugglng to get seen! ”

Fire Up Your Facebook is a month worth of prompts for your Facebook page.

Each week day (20 days) you will receive an email with the daily prompt - so let's think of it as a month long workshop. 

The workshop includes: 

  • Daily prompts (20 & a few bonuses)
  • Live video Q&A sessions each week. 
  • Accountability (yep sometimes you need a bit of a nudge to keep things heading in the right direction) 
  • Support and guided feedback from me 
  • Private Facebook group for support and to network with other business owners in the same situation 
  • My eyes on your stuff, you won't get lost in the crowd I promise

Sign up before 25 August (5pm) and you’ll receive 5 tips and tricks to optimise your Facebook page. 

I know all of the ins and outs of Facebook and I can tell you the majority of people miss these easy ways to get your Facebook page performing even better. 

I'll share these in an email per day before the workshop starts.. you don't want to miss out. Even one of these can make a big difference to the impact you and your business has within Facebook. 


I'm determined to make a difference to your business - if you implement all of our daily prompts and don’t see an increase in your Facebook reach, I will happily return your money. 

Fire Up Your Facebook

Month of Facebook Prompts and Inspiration

Only $97 

We start on Wednesday 6th September (Western Australian time) .

Start out Spring with this new approach to posting on your Facebook page - it's going to be amazing xoxo

If you’re unsure whether now is the time to jump in and improve your Facebook, ask yourself if you want to waste another month of wondering about what to post.

If you commit today we can get you started on the right track to increase reach, engagement and customers.

So if you’re sick of wasting time, money and brain power - join me now!

Fire Up Your Facebook

    • Daily tasks sent by email
    • Live video Q&A each week 
    • Accountability (a gentle nudge when you need it)
    • Support and feedback from me
    • Private Facebook group for support and to network with other business owners going through the same things
    • My eyes on you and your stuff - you won't get lost in the crowd I promise!
    • All for $97 

What happens next? 

1. Once you click the sign up or let's do it button you will be taken to the registration form where you will enter your details and make payment. 
2. I'll be in touch by email.  
3. By the way if you know a business owner who could do with a little bit of help in this too - hit the share buttons below and let them know 🙂